This year's DarkLight Revival 2019!! Day of the Dead theme. Get back in black and don the duds of the dead. 

Below,Artists featured at  DarkLight Revival 2018... Saturday October 13th 2018 @ Meteor Guitar Gallery: Bentonville AR

Darklight Revival, Featuring mixed-media artist, Jessica Morgan! Several paintings will be displayed especially created for this event! Brightly colored, brilliantly designed, and brimming with beauty- More from this artist on her website:

Darklight Revival, Featuring mixed-media artist, G Desiree Fultz. LIVE Painting/Drawing and fantasy art installation. Follow the faeries down the rabbit hole and see what's at the end of the rainbow... More from this artist by following on Facebook:

Darklight Revival, featuring painter and body artist, Lena Smith! Lena relies on her keen senses to paint- Inspiring, considering she's 'legally blind'. Seeing is believing when you meet her in person and witness her painting live!

Darklight Revival, Featuring the elegant art of Justin Delaney Williams. Prints of 'the Mazzaroth' astrology/zodiac series will be available, as well as studies of NWA Architectural Landmarks.  More from this artist: 

Darklight Revival, Featuring the oil and acrylic paintings of Allison Dean, Luna Lux Art. Dreamy, starry backdrops to soothe your mind. Allison is well-known in NWA for LIVE painting at local events. Seize your opportunity to see her at the Darklight Revival! More from this artist at

Darklight Revival, Featuring a shift in perception, brought to you by Infini-Booth Creations! Illusionist photographer, Kai Drachenberg will have this booth set up for photo opportunities! Single portraits or groups of up to 6! Imagine how cool it would look under UV light in 3D with bright body paints! Experience an ever-reflecting space of self or a crowd of your forever friends, October 13th! More from this artist at

Darklight Revival, Featuring video artist, illustrator, filmmaker, graphic designer, Dillon Dooms of Doomsday Graphics. You may have seen his work at Crystal Bridges, NWA Fashion Week, Black Apple Awards, Smoke & Barrel, Axis Lounge... For the best in glitch art, come see Dillon's work in 3D! More from this artist at

Darklight Revival, Featuring Green Flux Photography. Meet the artistic eye behind the camera and have a portrait made surrounded by fantastic things... More from this artist at:

Darklight Revival, Featuring Flowerkids by RenPen Creations. Whimsical smiles fresh from the garden of life! For refreshing perspectives and quirky illustrations, see more at

Darklight Revival, Featuring acryclic/oil artist J-BLAZEN CREATIONS. Psychedelic creations and a booth with hand-made art trinkets. More from this artist at

Darklight Revival, Featuring body painter Candice McKaskle of Dragonfly Studios! Candice only uses FDA and EU cosmetic compliant products that list their ingredients. Her Degree in Fine Art lends to a disciplined, professional, and unique body painting experience.


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