In total darkness, a new kind of vision comes to view. Dark Light is what your eyes see in the absence of light; often referred to as "visual noise" because it is accompanied by the perception of an ever-changing field of tiny black and white dots. Background adaptation allows the eyes to see what the normal light conceals... 

The intensity-sensitivity curves change and the visual noise in the retina produces random events indistinguishable from those triggered by real photons. Ever 'see things' in the dark? Vibrant, kaleidoscope colors of intricate design, continually in motion... the veil parts, and you see into the Matrix. 

Join us for an evening of concealing light to reveal the beauty of darkness. All guests must wear completely BLACK. Bizarre and black is even better. Black on black. The exception for color is for 'day of the dead' themed make-up, face paint, hats and masks. 

Ticket Price includes one pair of CHROMADEPTH® - SOLID BLACK 3D glasses!

Prepare yourself for a depth charge beyond belief with the revolutionary 3D ChromaDepth process. ChromaDepth 3D is the newest and most versatile 3D image method available. Our proprietary process allows spectacular 3D images to be created and presented in film, video, television, computer graphics, black light effects and laser displays. The ChromaDepth glasses create striking 3D images from normal 2D images by pulling forward the color red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colors according to their position in the rainbow. ROY G BIV! (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). The ChromaDepth process encourages fantastic 3D illusions without compromising the quality of the image when viewed without the glasses.


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